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This is a continuation of last week’s language activities to increase vocabulary and to facilitate interaction and communication.

11. Play a game of following commands such as, “Bring me the spoon and the glass.” or “Close the door and turn on the light.” This teaches your child to listen and follow directions.

12. Use prepositions to play listening games. “Put the spoon in the glass.” Put the car behind the chair.” Where is the car?” “Put the cup between the forks.”

13. Hide objects in the room and have your child tell where he/she found them.

14. Help your child learn colors, shapes, and sizes by talking about objects in his/her everyday world. “This is a big, red, ball.” “It is round and it bounces.”

15. Take turns talking about things as you do them: “I am stirring.” “You are washing.” “I am dancing.” “We are shopping.”

16. Talk about how foods taste, look, feel, smell and sound as you eat them.

17. Count things as you do them, like buttoning, climbing steps, and setting the table.

18. Collect a box of junk. Take turns guessing what is in the box by the way it feels (close your eyes of course) or by the way it sounds when it is shaken or banged on the side.

19. Using measuring spoons, measuring cups, bowls and cans, put them in order from small to large and talk about which one is the smallest, biggest, and in the middle.

20. Play songs. Sing with your child. Nursery rhymes and simple songs build vocabulary and grammar.

If you want more information or to schedule an appointment with Interactive Therapy, go to www.interactivetherapy.net.

Pamela Hass
Speech Language Pathologist